<p>First-class roadholding.</p>

First-class roadholding.

Surprisingly flexible, superior quality throughout, consistently economical: designers throughout the world value the OC 500 LE chassis for public service buses as the basis of their ideas.


Flexibility in driving

En route to the destination, the bus driver needs to overcome a number of obstacles. To avoid damage to the underside of the vehicle, you can therefore additionally equip the chassis with a pneumatic lowering and lifting device. Driving over obstacles or sudden roadway transitions is therefore easy. The kneeling system that is also available makes it easier for passengers to enter and exit the vehicle by lowering the vehicle.


Smooth operation

Take advantage of exceptionally smooth operation for your customers. The front axle of the OC 500 LE guarantees premium low-floor comfort in the front section. At the same time it stabilises your vehicle body, preventing roll movements and ensuring vehicle track stability. The optional stabilisers allow you to achieve even better roadholding. The high-quality front axle increases the vehicle’s manoeuvrability, enabling a 12 m vehicle to have a turning circle of 20.70 metres. The chassis can also be equipped with a pneumatic raising/lowering mechanism to protect the vehicle underbody from damage when driving over obstacles or uneven surfaces.

Exact steering

Drivers prefer buses and coaches with light, direct steering characteristics. The OC 500 LE is designed with his in mind. The variable steering gear is mounted in front of the moving axle components, outside the area vulnerable to crash damage, and is therefore protected against damage in the event of an accident. The steering system requires no lubrication and is practically maintenance-free.

A safe braking system

Safety plays a key role with the OC 500 LE. That’s why the electropneumatic braking system (EBS) with disc brakes all round is included as standard. EBS builds up brake pressure so precisely and rapidly that shorter braking and stopping distances are possible compared with conventional pneumatic braking systems. The EBS also features electronic "guardian angels" such as ABS or (optionally) ASR.

EBS makes braking as cost-effective as it is safe. Its electronic control functions extend the service life of the brake pads and ensure longer service intervals. Since the electronics systems routinely perform fully automatic system checks, the entire braking system requires virtually no maintenance between regular vehicle services – at the same time providing optimum functional reliability.


Driver’s work area

The driver’s workstation in the OC 500 LE is fully functional and can easily be adapted to your requirements. You can vary its structure at three levels. And both the steering column and instrument cluster can be adjusted in height and inclination.

Focussed intelligence

The electronics system also underlines the superiority of the OC 500 LE. It has a central "brain", the IES CAN (integrated electronics system controller area network), in which all electronic components of the chassis are integrated. All control units can be monitored easily using the IES onboard diagnostics system. This facilitates rapid and targeted troubleshooting for maintenance or repair. This subsequently reduces costs for the bus/coach operator by cutting downtime and maintenance time. Other plus factors include uniform interfaces for your electronics system, and a modular electrical equipment compartment with standardised slots at the driver’s workstation.

All electronics systems are coded to avoid confusion. This ensures that your body’s electrical system can be connected flexibly and without complication. It also gives you greater flexibility when positioning and installing your electronic components.

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